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Boosting Innovation through DEI

Boosting Innovation and Patient Outcomes through Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare

Diversity and inclusion in leadership and recruiting strategies is increasingly becoming a top priority for healthcare technology companies. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, organizations with diverse leadership teams experience a 19% higher innovation revenue compared to those without. In addition, diverse teams are more likely to make better decisions, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Despite the clear benefits of diversity and inclusion, the healthcare technology industry still has a long way to go. A report by Rock Health found that only 12% of healthcare technology startups have a diverse founding team, and just 2% have a woman as the CEO.

To address these disparities, it is crucial for healthcare technology companies to actively work towards building diverse and inclusive teams at all levels. This can be achieved through targeted recruitment efforts, offering diversity and inclusion training for employees, and implementing inclusive policies and practices.

Leading by example, some healthcare technology companies have already started implementing these strategies. For example, Livongo Health, a digital health company focused on chronic disease management, has set a goal to have at least 40% of its leadership team be from underrepresented groups by 2025.

It is clear that diversity and inclusion are not just the right thing to do, but also good for business. By prioritizing diversity and inclusion in leadership and recruiting strategies, healthcare technology companies can drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately, create a stronger industry.